I really like Allen-Edmonds dress shoes. They are amazingly comfortable, cut in a sort-of timeless style and they are built to last. They are traditional leather dress shoes with leather soles and yet I frequently walk home from work in them (about 4 1/2 miles) and they’re totally comfortable. So, ok, they’re incredibly expensive. But unlike some shoes, they really will last a long, long time and do I’d argue that over the long run they’re not much more expensive (maybe even cheaper) than buying several pairs of cheaper dress shoes.

Allen-Edmonds dress shoes Maybe it was the walking 4 miles a day on concrete in them, but after a couple years I finally wore through the soles. I was crushed, but I had heard that you could have them “recrafted” by Allen-Edmonds, so I dropped them off at the store to try out this service.

I just got them back (they mail them back to you). Wow. They’re look and feel brand new. It’s amazing. And I’m told you can do this over and over again. I’m hooked.