Mozilla has released Firefox 1.0, the first formal release of their next-generation web browser. I downloaded it Friday to use on my PC at work and downloaded the Mac version at home over the weekend.

I really like it. It combines some of the best features of Safari with the stability and rendering accuracy of the Mozilla engine. Plus, like Safari, it’s fast and incorporates tabbed browsing. It has some nice features of it’s own, which I’m still learning. Right now I’m loving the really cool real-time “find” feature. Oh, and Firefox is free free.

I’ll probably still use Safari for most things at home, if for no other reason than I’m comfortable with it and it’s so nicely incorporated into OS X, but at work I’m switching to Firefox. In fact, I’m using Firefox to post this right now.

Yet another reason to abandon Explorer. As if you needed another.

There’s a FireFox link on the right menu, for anyone wanting to try it.