I’m not what you’d call obese or chronic fat, but like many women after another Christmas binge eating and drinking (was on the seafood diet, I SEE food and eat it :) I’ve put on a lot more weight, especially belly fat and my ass looks HUGE, move over Beyonce :)

I look flabby around the waist which I HATE SO MUCH, I plan to vacation in Turkey this summer and have to tone up before then!

A work friend (who is very fat and needs to loose weight) suggested I try a fast weight loss program called Fat Loss for Idiots :) that she told me she is using to loose weight FAST with their dieting program!

Apparently she’s been using the weight loss program diet advice for 4 weeks and on average has lost 6lbs a week without feeling hungry (she says it’s not a starvation diet). That’s 24lbs or almost 2 stone (if I remember the conversion correctly).

My friend must be 10 stone to 15 stone over weight, so I honestly didn’t notice the 2 stone weight loss until she told me about it, (she’s been on about 50 diets since I met her) though for just a month on the weight loss program 2 stone is very good rate of weight loss. If she continues at this rate it will only take 5 months to lose 10 stone (which would make her my normal sort of body weight).

Anyway, back to my fat ass which naturally is my main concern :)

I signed up for the weight loss program 2 weeks ago and followed the diet directions (mostly, they are easy to follow :)) and have lost 8lbs so far!

I’ve not felt hungry all the time on their diet like I normally do on what could be called fad diets, there’s been a few times where I’d have killed for a cream bun, but because I don’t feel starved all the time I’ve been able to stave off those cravings easily so far and mostly stick to the diet.

I’d say this is a natural/safe way to loose weight fast, there’s no weird foods to eat, like only eat tofu or something :)

I’d be very happy to loose 1 stone, (which I think will be easy to achieve) though would be great if I could loose 2 and a 1/2 stone, so wish me luck.

You can find the easy weight loss program at the Fat Loss for Idiots website.

If you sign up for the program and loose weight (or don’t) please post a comment below, would love to hear how others are are doing trying to loose weight. I’ll add to this in a few weeks time to let my readers know how I’m getting on.