My Las Vegas trip to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2006

So I get to the airport at around 8 and they say to me – we overbooked your flight would you mind taking a flight tomorrow morning?

I looked over and there was a family on stand by and I thought [I didnt want to split them up but darn it I am trying to get to a party tonight].

The airline staff saw that I was hesitant and said that in the morning I would fly 1st class, get a voucher for $400.00, and have hotel stay for the night at the airport hotel- so then I said SOLD!

Finally its morning and I OVER SLEPT!!!!! I high tail it down to the terminal area for boarding and they say there is a 30 minute cut off for boarding and luggage. The guy lets me pass but says that my luggage may not make it. I panic and tell him to do what he can.

I run to the security area, strip and show ID well wouldnt you know it that my DL is expired (cuz I just had a birthday and it didn’t come in the mail yet) this was not a problem the night before (mind you). I tell the main staff member the situation and they gave me a full body search.

At that time it was about 10-15 minutes before take off- and I was running like the family on home alone but I was not laughing. I made it to the gate and boarded while huffing and puffing.

I arrive in Vegas, get my baggage and meet with friends who were nice enough to pick me up. We went straight to the convention center which was packed!

For the rest of the day we checked out what CES had to offer and also did some work interviewing people. After that was over we arrived at the big azz home that was rented for us and relaxed a bit. CES has gadgets upon gadgets but it was the floor with the cars that got me revved up. They were so hawt and all kinds of tricked out.

Basically for the part of the week that CES was going on it was work by day and party by night. We went to Ziff Davis Party, MTV/Microsoft Party & WITI/PMS Party all of which were a blast. Especially the hot tub *wink wink*- what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

Nah it wasn’t too crazy but it was so much fun hanging with my girls again.