Pepsi Holiday Spice hits stores today, but we found some in Pilsen over the weekend. We had no idea what it was when we found it, but described as “spiced cola,” it was just weird enough that we had to buy it.

It’s reddish, first of all, which makes it a little odd. And it doesn’t really have a strong cola taste, or a spiced taste for that matter either. Still, I liked it and it reminded me of something and I couldn’t figure out what. It bothered me for a moment and then I realized:

It tastes a little like Cheerwine, the southern pop (I know, southerners would never say pop, but I live in Chicago now) I fell in love with while living in Virginia.

Pepsi Holiday Spice has a stupid name that doesn’t describe it at all, but it’s tasty so I’ll no doubt buy more…