Voices in my head: go to the airport and travel

Reasons not to go to work today:

1. It is rainy outside.
2. My apartment is dry and warm.
3. I have an old friend staying with me.
4. She is not planning on getting up until 10:00.
5. The manager of our office took everyone out for dinner last night.
6. Then I stayed up late talking with my friend.
7. I slept on the couch.
8. It’s tough to get a good night’s sleep on the couch.
9. I am tired.
10. Very tired.

And yet, I sit here at my desk, noticing that there aren’t many others here. Maybe they made a list of reasons not to go to work while they were walking to the elevator and decided to go back home. Not that I considered that. Much.

If I had decided to turn around, I would have headed to Chicago Midway Airport Parking, parked my car for the day (short term parking of course) and spent the day in the airport pretending to be a passanger from, no going to some Exotic Travel Location. Can’t think of anything exotic now, just Jamaca comes to mind :-)