Did I actually once say that I thought that I wouldn’t buy World of Warcraft?

Call me a fool. Please.

As you might have guessed I fell utterly, deeply in love with the World of Warcraft. Any time not spent researching (generally in the wee hours of the morning) was spent exploring and leveling in the amazing world that the guys at Blizzard have created.

Everything about this game is phenomenal: the quests, raids, the scenery (early in the game other players routinely said things like, “Wow, this game is beautiful”), the interface, and even the music. Sometimes I would go into a building owned by the Alliance merely to admire a certain theme in World of Warcraft.

I even made good friends: I found people both from my own area and the Chicago area who were in to the game of WOW. We’ve exchanged e-mails so we can meet up. I’m also interested in keeping up relations with my readers (and thus people who are interested in the same things that I am).

The other day while playing WOW, everyone decided to abandon the normal leveling quests and start huge raids on enemy lands. The sad thing is that the servers went down a couple of time for maintenance, talk about bad timing.

In my own raid group, we had got together two raiding parties amounting to almost 80 players, intending to storm Kalimdor as we had done earlier in the week. The first time, we made it to the very heart of Durotar (one of the main enemy areas) before being slaughtered by high-level NPC guards.

Unfortunately, just as the massive army that we had made today arrived at the gates of the Barrens, the World of Warcraft server shutdown message came on!

Everyone cried out “Apocalypse NOW” and “At least we’ll die together” and all kinds of other silly things. It was great. But that was not the end. A few hours later, the server was back up, and this time the guys at Blizzard had tossed some impossibly difficult enemies at the gates of Stormwind (capital of the humans) and everyone tried to take them out. Unfortunately, I don’t think that even with all of our combined efforts that a single one of those guys were destroyed..

Get the World of Warcraft game.

The hype is justified.

WOW Power leveling Update

Update: I’ve been playing this online game for what feels like years now and the World of Warcraft update Wrath of the Lich King that came out late last year (January 2009 now) took the game to new heights. When the other addon The Burning Crusade that gave us the Outlands was released we leveled our level 60 characters to level 70 to open new raids culminating in the Black Temple, the same was true with the Wrath of the Lich King we had to level to 80 fast if we wanted to be the first to complete the new 25 man raids!

WOW Alliance Leveling Guide

When the Burning Crusade was released a friend I’d met through WOW let me use a leveling ebook from Zygor Gaming Guides, it made leveling to level 70 so much easier so I bought a copy as well. I have many online WOW friends who play a similar amount of time as me that are still leveling their first level 80 character while I’ve got 3!

Highly recommended you buy the ebook for fast leveling to level 80.

Cya in game.